ФОТО | Финские блогеры проехались по местам съемок фильма "Довод"

Кадр из фильма Tenet
Кадр из фильма TenetФото: скриншот

В своем блоге Тийа и Сату из Хельсинки выкладывают места съемок культовых фильмов и телешоу. На этот раз девушки отправились в Таллинн, чтобы разыскать локации из фильма "Довод". Смотрите фото!

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#Tenet filming location: Telliskivi, Tallinn, Estonia ⠀ TENET! It’s here!!! 🤩 We’ve been counting days to the new #ChristopherNolan movie and today, we’re finally seeing it — in IMAX, no less! After a couple of COVID-19 caused delays the film is finally hitting the big screens in several European countries (lucky us!) & the UK, followed by the rest of the world within a couple of weeks. ⠀ I visited Tallinn, Estonia for #sceneframing photos taken on filming locations that we spotted in the first two trailers (see previous posts). This one’s in the railroads near #Telliskivi. Now, the exact spot is a closed off railyard not accessible by foot, so I snapped this one from the street nearby. Sadly, not 100% exact, but close enough as they are the same rails! 😍 ⠀ Big thanks to Reddit user sydhergy & their mama for spotting & reporting the location. Ace detective work! 👀 ⠀ Also, I sense another Tenet trip to Tallinn and the rest of the filming locations after the film is available on streaming services and after it’s a little bit safer to travel again. ⠀ In the meanwhile… let’s enjoy the film and NOT SPOIL IT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD! #NoSpoilersClub
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It’s funny how excited one can be about standing on a bridge somewhere in Tallinn 😍 #Tenet in theatres August 26th (at least here in Estonia & Finland, lucky us)!!!
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Мы заметили, что блогерши нашли не все места съемок. Догадались, что девушки упустили?